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Many years ago, when my father was very ill, I went with him to see his doctor when we believed the discussion would not be good news. My father introduced me to his specialist as “This is my son Ray, he has come with me this morning. He works in computer software.”

That was as much as my father knew about what I did for a job. There was never a detailed discussion about what I did with software, and in any case I doubt if either of my parents would have understood. It was very much a “black art” to them.

But the reply has always haunted me. “Oh, hi Ray. Good to meet you … I prefer to deal with people.”

I never forgot this very simple reply, partly because the news was not good for my father that day but also because the doctor passed me off simply as somebody who does not deal with people. A geek sat in a corner with a set of headphones on, not talking to anybody.

All we do here at DSCallards is deal with people on a daily basis. I compare the business systems we support and maintain as a “health issue”. It is not a coincidence that we provide a “Health Check” within these support and maintenance contracts to all of our customers.

We are attempting to detect an illness before it takes hold. By running a “Health Check” on our customers’ systems, more often than not there are tell-tale signs of things that could go wrong in the future. If we can detect these now, then we can provide the “medication” early.

And all of this is with people. If a system goes down then the impact is impacting not only the business itself, but the impact is upon the people within our customer’s business. And then in turn their customers.

When we start to discuss any future project or relationship it is usually face to face or a conference call with people.

The questions are typically, where is the “pain”, how does this “hurt” the business, how can we “make you better”? Ok, it’s not a couple of spoons of grandma’s medicine potion every morning … but it will be a solution of some kind. Either one already pre-prepared ready to install or a customised solution possibly a combination of several applications or processes.

And this is something we are proud of here at DSCallards. Our personal relationships with you, the customer, the people.

We constantly monitor this support and relationship … just like a good doctor does for his patient, the aim is to keep you healthy. But also, be there when you are in need of a cure.

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Posted by , Technical Director, 11th December 2019

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