SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio enables application designers to create analysis applications and dashboards – based on universe data sources – for browsers and mobile devices (iPads, for example).

The other reason we like it is that it is totally customisable but requires application development skills to carry out this customisation and this is what we do very well at Developer Solutions.

The solution contains D3 which is a Javascript charting framework. It is essentially a Javascript graphics library which is used under the hood in SAP Design Studio to produce charts and maps and graphs.

The data layer connects straight to Universes and therefore becomes part of the suite of SAP tools that all report off the same point of truth, which is quite nice.

Working in an Eclipse environment is necessary as this is where you write custom controls. Custom controls are based upon the SDK and can be built by developers and consumed by end-users. The essential development skillsets required are a knowledge of Javascript and CSS3.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio comes with 30-40 out-of-the-box custom controls which covers most Dashboard scenarios. The advantage with custom control development is that the customer gets what they want. E.g. a geographical map of the world of trading routes, which is being developed from scratch and that will show the flow of goods from port to port across the globe. Another good example would be, single charts that require multiple filters of data sources and that is not achievable out-of-the box.

The SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Dashboards can be published from Eclipse directly to the SAP BusinessObjects platform.

Whatever visualisation you can think of – we can build it – to mirror your organisation’s branding and look and feel.

We at Developer Solutions are particularly excited by this development as it fills the technology gap that has been around for quite a while now and we are working with a number of our customers to develop Dashboards to help them to run their business. Long may it continue!

Posted by , Senior BI Consultant, 13th April 2017

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