From SAP Crystal Reports to SAP BusinessObjects – P2

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Praetura Asset Finance (PAF) offers tailored funding options such as asset-based finance, hire purchase, finance leasing and refinancing. Always ahead of the technology curve, Daryl Johnson, Deputy Managing Director, decided to deploy SAP BusinessObjects and this is the second of his four-part guide of their experience when migrating up towards the world-leading Business Intelligence solution.
Part Two

At the end of 2016 in comes SAP Business Objects (BO) Edge. DSCallards discussed my needs with me, and I have to say were very patient with me as I had little understanding of the SAP BusinessObjects software and am one of those people that has to fully understand about something before committing.

I learnt very quickly that SAP BusinessObjects requires a beast of a server – I won’t bore you with the spec details as every implementation is different. Interestingly (or not) we were in the process of moving all our systems to “The Cloud” so the timing was perfect. DSCallards and my IT people worked together to agree the hardware spec. Once I had paid my money and received the licence keys from SAP the hardware was configured in “The Cloud” environment and my IT people began to install the software – with difficulty! My mistake, I should have asked DSCallards to install it. I have an IT background – back in the eighties I used to be a COBOL programmer, and finished by having my own IT subsidiary in the late nineties, but I underestimated the complexities of an SAP BusinessObjects install. I have never seen so many software servers and services needed for one system. Needless to say I ended up asking DSCallards to bale me out – Thank you DSCallards!

Okay, so I now have the hardware, the software, and no idea where to begin …

Posted by , Deputy Managing Director, Praetura Asset Finance,, 7th August 2018

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