Ignite Growth with Do-it-yourself Data Replication

Formerly known as DBMoto, Data Replication by Syniti is a leading platform in the data analytics and transformation industry. The software allows businesses to make quicker, more accurate decisions with secure, trusted data and information without the need for consultancy services.

From synchronising data in mission-critical systems to accessing a high-speed analytic database, Syniti Data Replication is a choice solution for up-to-date business data. With innovative Change Data Capture (CDC), it provides a critical solution to the modern world’s data-driven business cycles.

  • Real-time data replication using Change Data Capture (CDC). Make the most current data available to reporting and analytics systems
  • Out-of-the-box support for major cloud and on-premise databases, big data platforms and data lakes
  • Quickly deploy on-site or cloud-centric digital assets and infrastructure using AWS for simple data management
  • Add business logic with powerful scripts — no programming, stored procedures or proprietary syntax required

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