SAP Crystal Server and Reports


The De-Facto Standard in Pixel-Perfect Data Reporting Since 1991

For small to medium-sized businesses, there’s SAP Crystal Server and Reports – a complete on-premise reporting solution. SAP Crystal Server 2020 fully automates report distribution, allows self-service access to reports from desktop or mobile devices and provides data exploration within a secure infrastructure. Combined with SAP Crystal Reports, the software also simplifies administration procedures and control user management.

SAP Crystal Server and Reports

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports software turns almost any data source into interactive, actionable information that can be accessed offline or online, from applications, portals, and mobile devices.

  • Securely access your business data – Connect to nearly any data source in the market by using standard data access protocols
  • Easily analyse your business data – Built-in sorting, formulas, ranking, conditional formatting, parameters, grouping and search capabilities
  • Efficiently share your business data – Pixel-perfect invoices, letters, statements, sales and operations reports, promotion campaigns and loyalty card reports
  • Deliver a flexible report design platform – Create intuitive reports with drag-and-drop simplicity and provide guidance on sorting and grouping
  • Understand your business and share the facts – Provide ready-to-consume information as reports and dashboards, to colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers
  • Manage security settings – Define user rights to access, view, refresh, export or print reports

Discover SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Server

SAP Crystal Server is the complete on-premise reporting solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

With SAP Crystal Server 2020 (as Named User or Concurrent Access), you can automate report distribution, allow self-service access to reports from desktop or mobile devices, provide data exploration within a secure infrastructure, simplify administration procedures, and control user management.

Discover SAP Crystal Server

The Benefits of SAP Crystal Server and Reports

Report availability

  • Consume reports on a computer, a mobile device (Apple and Android) or on paper
  • Create a repository with all reports
  • Save reports to a network folder
  • Allow read-only static reports

Insight Distribution

  • Provide data access for 1 to 150 users, share contents with internal and external stakeholders and lock down the levels of capabilities each user has
  • Send reports to an unlimited number of users on desktop, web and mobile devices
  • Personalise your reports for individual recipients
  • Share interactive reports and leverage our free report reader
  • Schedule report delivery based on time and events

User Administration

  • Leverage single sign-on for security and ease of access
  • Easily audit user behaviour
  • Manage report use to optimise network resources
  • Acquire additional licenses digitally on SAP Store and pay per credit card or invoice
  • Choose NUL licenses for frequent users (like power users and administrators) or CAL licenses for general and intermittent audiences (like business and end-users

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