The Gold Standard in Software Development

Since 1990 LEAD’s software development toolkits, LEADTOOLS, have been the gold standard in the software development community. The software is used by tens of thousands of developers, integrators, contractors and solution providers worldwide.


Powered by machine learning algorithms and patented artificial intelligence (AI), LEADTOOLS is a collection of comprehensive, fully integrated digital toolkits.

  • Time Tested –If your customer has a document, medical, multimedia or imaging requirement, chances are LEAD has already coded, tested and deployed it. With more than thirty years’ experience, LEAD’s range of tools can increase the productivity of your programmers by allowing them to utilise LEAD’s many years of development experience.
  • One-Stop-Shop –Enjoy the simplicity of a one vendor relationship, one license agreement and one support contact. LEAD supports a full range of document, medical, multimedia and imaging categories. Customers can standardize on LEADTOOLS for all related requirements. With access to the full suite of LEADTOOLS SDKs, you can eliminate multiple-vendor headaches and give your developers the tools they require to gain Medical, Document, Recognition, Vector, Multimedia and general imaging components with cross-platform capability.
  • Unlimited Technical Support – LEAD offers unlimited technical support via email, user forums and live chat at no extra cost to your business.
  • No-Risk, No Worry – LEADTOOLS is available in a fully functional evaluation version. Your team will be able to test all features and programs with the evaluation copy before you even make a purchase.
  • User-Friendly – LEADTOOLS is designed to make your job as easy as possible. Each SDK contains valuable resources such as extensive online documentation, sample source code, demos and tutorials, all designed to get your project done and out the door on time.
  • Globally Trusted Technology Partner – LEAD has a significant technology footprint within the United States Government with major deployments to the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and other federal and state governmental agencies. LEAD also has a strong customer base that includes many Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Flexible – LEAD will work with you to match your customers’ deployment requirements. Volume discounts for developer and deployment licenses.
  • Experts in Imaging Components – LEAD’s developers are experts in technology and development components. Consistently receiving industry recognition from the developer community, LEADTOOLS is designed so developers can easily integrate the technology into real-world solutions within their industry.

Software Development Toolkit

LEAD offers a number of patented toolkits and digital assets to empower, support and automate your day-to-day operations.

Imaging SDK Technology

Based on more than 31 years of imaging development, LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK Technology includes more than 150 image formats and more than 200 image processing functions including image compression. Your business will also benefit from more than 200 image processing functions and display effects, image viewers, common dialogues, TWAIN and WIA scanning, screen capture and printing.

Recognition SDK Technology

LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK Technology delivers powerful, fully automated recognition features to a range of different industries moving towards paperless, end-to-end environments, including financial institutions, government agencies, corporate offices and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providers. LEADTOOLS SDKs provides the necessary tools to convert, search, categorise and process data in hundreds of different formats. Your business will have access to several ready-for-branding recognition applications with sources that can be embedded into solutions with minimal coding.

Document SDK Technology

Since 1990, application developers have trusted LEADTOOLS Document SDK Technology to deliver powerful, end to end document and document-imaging features. LEADTOOLS SDKs provide the technology necessary to view, edit, capture, convert, search, store, access, manage and deliver content in hundreds of formats. LEAD’s offering also includes several ready-to-ship documents and document-imaging components and frameworks that can easily be embedded into solutions with minimal coding.

Medical SDK Technology

These award-winning SDKs offer comprehensive DICOM data set, communication and security technology, medical-specific image processing, zero-footprint HTML5/JavaScript viewers, 3D-volume reconstruction and high levels of user controls. Your business will also benefit from components for PACS Servers, Clients and Workstations. LEADTOOLS Medical toolkits are indispensable for programmers working on solutions within the health care industry.

Multimedia SDK Libraries

Specifically designed for the development of audio/video applications across a wide variety of industries, including health care, defence, broadcast and security, LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK products offers a full range of asset libraries to developers, transforming complex DirectShow and Media Foundation projects into simple tasks. You and your team will be able to easily integrate core multimedia functionality such as streaming, playback, conversion and capture into applications with optional processing filters, which can be applied at any point in your day-to-day operations.

LEADTOOLS also includes a large collection of specialised multimedia technologies and components for UAV, DVR, video conferencing, distributed transcoding and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Since 1990, LEAD’s software development toolkit, LEADTOOLS, has been considered the gold standard in software development. A collection of comprehensive toolkits powered by patented artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, LEADTOOLS is used to integrate recognition, document, medical, imaging and multimedia technologies into multiple digital platforms and devices including web and mobile.

How do you use LEADTOOLS?

For more information about using LEADTOOLS, contact the team at DSCallards. We boast decades of combined experience and expertise, and would be delighted to assist you and your business employees in getting more out of your data.

How does LEADTOOLS work?

LEAD’s software development toolkit, LEADTOOLS, boasts a number of dynamic software applications your business can utilise. As a result, how the software works will come down to the unique needs of your organisation.

For more information about using LEADTOOLS, get in touch with DSCallards. Our team would be delighted to assist you.

Is LEADTOOLS user-friendly?

LEADTOOLS is specifically designed to make tasks as easy as possible. Each software development kit (SDK) contains a number of valuable resources including extensive online documentation, sample source code, demos and tutorials. Each asset is engineered for efficiency and aims to get tasks and projects completed and out the door as soon, and as easily, as possible.

What is LEADTOOLS used for?

LEAD’s software development toolkit, LEADTOOLS is used for a number of different business processes and solutions, including recognition, document, medical, imaging, and multimedia technologies.

For more information about implementing LEADTOOLS in your day-to-day operations, contact DSCallards today.

What technology does LEADTOOLS integrate with?

There are a number of platforms and software applications that can be integrated with LEADTOOLS. For more information, contact the team at DSCallards today. Our team boast decades of combined expertise and experience utilising LEAD’s innovative platform and would be delighted to assist you in implementing LEADTOOLS in your daily business operations.

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