Embedded Zero-Dba, Nano Footprint Database

The Actian Zen database assets and infrastructure are a single, secure, scalable Edge data management portfolio that meets the needs of on-premise, cloud, mobile and IoT application developers. Actian Zen provides persistent local and distributed data across intelligent applications deployed in enterprise, branch, and remote field environments.

Develop and deploy on Intel or ARM running Windows 10, Windows 2016 and 2019 Servers, Linux, macOS and iOS, Android, Raspbian Linux distributions, Windows IoT Core and Windows Nano Servers, and support the latest application requirements for local data and embedded analytics.

The key benefits when using Actian are:

  • Zero DBA, developer-configurable
  • NoSQL and SQL Embed or bundle with your business-critical applications
  • Cross-platform and version data portability
  • Simple upgrades
  • Backward compatibility
  • JSON, BLOB, and Time-series support

ISVs, OEMs, SIs, and Enterprises building in-house applications increasingly need to embed a data management platform to support value-added features and functionality, including end-user personalisation and multichannel context, decision support, hybrid cloud support, provisioning, management, and security and governance.

With both relational and direct data access for JSON, BLOB, and time-series data, self-tuning, reporting, data portability, exceptional reliability, easy upgrades, and backward compatibility, software developers can deliver applications at scale across on-premise data centres, hybrid cloud, branch and remote field environments.

Supported Platforms on Actian

  • Windows 11 and 10, Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019 Servers, Linux, macOS
  • Android/Android Things, iOS, Windows IoT Core & Nano Server, Raspbian Linux distributions
  • VMWare, Microsoft, and Citrix Hypervisors (Zen Cloud Server)
  • Intel x86/x64 and
  • ARM 32-bit/64-bit support
  • 2MB (client) and 30MB (Edge server) minimum installed footprints

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