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At DSCallards, we believe in investing in what lies ahead. Our experienced and close-knit team prides itself in strategising only the most innovative of paths when it comes to technology, utilising world-leading analytical assets and infrastructure to strive tirelessly towards a more cutting-edge future.

The team at DSCallards is proud to be partnered with SAP. As well as SAP, we also offer data-centric solutions in Microsoft, Yellowfin, Syniti, LEADTOOLS and Actian.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are data analytic technologies?

In our modern world, the process of analytics and other data-centric solutions is increasingly reliant on specialised systems, networks, infrastructure and software. Many of these technologies automate data analytic processes and techniques, including AI, mechanical processes and advanced algorithms that have the power to transform raw data into actionable insights for human consumption. As a result, analytical technology is hugely beneficial in several different data-centric services, including data visualisation, data reporting and data replication.

For more information about how modern analytical technology transforms your day-to-day operations, contact the team at DSCallards. We can help your organisation implement the tools and technologies your business needs to evolve, flourish and grow.

What are the best data analytics tools?

The best data analytic tool for you will come down to the needs of your business as well as what you hope to achieve through analytics and transformation services. Some of the best data analytics tools on the market today include…

For more information about how data analytics tools can transform your business, get in touch with DSCallards today.

How does data analytic technology help market analysis?

When it comes to marketing, data analytic technology can be enormously beneficial for businesses. When utilised correctly, it can help businesses gain deeper consumer insights, optimise objectives and campaigns and ultimately receive a better return on investment. Other advantages include the ability to gather customer feedback more quickly, cut overhead costs and learn more about target demographics, the data from which can shape future marketing strategies.

For more information about how data analytics can shape your marketing campaigns and help your business gain a competitive edge, get in touch with the team at DSCallards. We’ve been assisting large and small businesses alike with their marketing strategies for more than 20 years – we’d be delighted to help your business get more out of your data.

Why is analysis technology important?

The technology behind modern data analytics is just as important as the data itself. This is largely because through AI, automation and machine learning, data analytic techniques can help an organisation identify its strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of the business that require attention. As a result, analytic technology is hugely beneficial to modern businesses and, when combined with the power of insight, can be helpful in gaining a competitive edge over other businesses and improving return on investment as well as finding out more about a target audience or specific demographic.

There’s never been a better time to unearth the power of insight. For more information on how analytical technology can shape your business initiatives and help your business gain a competitive edge, contact DSCallards today.

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