Support contracts … what a bore I hear you groan!

You would be right in thinking that, except …

Think of it like car insurance equally as boring but equally as essential. Luckily for most people, they don’t need to use their insurance and therefore begrudge paying it every year.

However, when you do have to use it, my goodness it’s a relief!

A courtesy car is essential if you commute to work and covering the cost of repairs if needed. Should the worst happen you will have the capability to fix your car or replace it. If someone else is involved you don’t have to worry about the cost of their repairs as well. Mainly the peace of mind, in the knowledge that you have the cover, should you need it. Leaving you to enjoy the open road at your leisure!

DSCallards Support works in much the same way and is every bit as essential if you are running a business which uses computers at its heart. Let’s face it most businesses now rely on them more than ever.

The support DSCallards can offer, comes in the shape of three different contracts. The first covers everything you can think of, it is like the car insurance which provides a courtesy car and a lift home! The second contract gives you access to our advice and expertise via phone and email and the third, is access via email only. Which contract is right for your business?

By paying for a Support Contract with DSCallards you can ensure that we offer peace of mind for your business critical systems with our guaranteed service levels that can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Posted by , Marketing Manager, 23rd September 2017

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