Successful Guide to BI

DSCallards has been delivering value-driven Business Intelligence (BI) for over ten years to hundreds of customers and understands the main pitfalls when implementing a new solution.

So, if you are thinking about investing in a new BI solution, we would recommend that you consider the following six points when selecting your solution partner. Each of our recommendations is backed up with a customer case study, which you may find an interesting read!

1. In-depth Understanding: During the consultancy period of the project it’s important that you and your BI solution provider are completely attuned, and they have an absolute understanding of your business architecture, its drivers, and goals. “DSCallards really listened to our needs, often facilitating discussions we might not have had internally, to get a clear picture of our objectives and where the value lay. They didn’t dictate how we should do business – they simply enabled us to get more value from our data to hit our targets while preserving our uniqueness” More.

2. Credibility: Choose a solution provider that not only has a positive ‘can do’ attitude, but one that is proven, with a track record of working with reputable industry players. To evolve and explore all project possibilities, it’s important you feel a good level of trust with your solution provider, and that you feel they will accommodate your suggestions and requests. “We checked DSCallards website and liaised with our SAP Business Objects Partner Manager who told us that DSCallards were a highly regarded SAP Business Objects Partner”. More

3. Excellent Support: It’s important to work with a BI solution provider who can offer you support throughout the project, not just once your solution is implemented. “Support provided during the evaluation phase was very good. We believe that if the software vendor can offer good free support during the trial, then this is a good indication of the type of support we would be receiving in the event that they were selected as the solution of choice”. More

4. Value for Money: In times of austerity, this speaks for itself! “DSCallards are very good value for money”. More

5. End-to-End Service: A BI solution provider who can offer a complete service package is invaluable, it ensures a smoother project experience for both parties, particularly when keeping within budget and set timescales is critical. “Babcock is extremely satisfied with the services and support provided by DSCallards. They delivered to budget and on time going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a successful roll out of this new technology across our organisation – not an easy task!” More

6. Innovation and Added Value: Many BI solution providers can deliver what you ask of them, but do they really add any value? Aim to seek a solution provider who can understand your business, listen to your ideas, and innovatively shape the project, to deliver growth and efficiencies to your business. “The project grew rapidly in response to evolving business needs, and has delivered value at every step along the way – progressing from model reporting to a sophisticated, real-time business intelligence solution that is helping us drive the business forward. And it was all achieved without significant disruption to our day-to-day operations and at an affordable price”.

Posted by , Marketing Manager, 10th April 2016

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