Image Processing


Extract & enhance data from your imagery

Image processing software performs calculations that extract and enhance the most important information within a file. This modern, tech-centric approach is usually the first step in computer vision and machine vision as well as pattern recognition systems.

LEADTOOLS & Image Processing at DSCallards

At DSCallards, our team works with LEAD Technologies, the developer and publisher of LEADTOOLS which is an award-winning line of development toolkits.

LEADTOOLS is a family of comprehensive toolkits designed to help programmers integrate raster, document, medical, multimedia, vector and Internet imaging into their applications quickly and easily. The software gives developers the most flexible and powerful imaging technology, offering development support for more than 150 file formats, as well as compression, colour conversion, display and special effects.

Other features include:

  • Scanning/capture
  • Common dialogues
  • Printing
  • Dicom, Pacs & OCR
  • Barcodes
  • Form recognition & PDFs
  • Document clean-up
  • Annotations

For more information about image processing at DSCallards, please contact the team today.

Image Processing

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