Analytics and Data Transformation


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Analytics and data transformation initiatives can help your business increase revenue and improve operational efficiency. Other benefits include the ability to optimise marketing campaigns and bolster customer service efforts. Analytics can also quicken response times to emerging market trends. In recent years, data analytic solutions are increasingly being used to gain a unique edge over competitors.

In our fast-paced, tech-centric world modern organisations require decision making and innovation at every level. From your CEO to business analysts, to field-based staff, suppliers and partners, everyone needs access to information and data regardless of whether they’re within or outside your organisation. Data makes the modern business tick. Analytics and data transformation services can provide those at the top of your organisation with the actionable information they need such as key performance indicators, business operations, customer insight. In the past, data queries and reports typically were created for end users by business intelligence developers who worked in IT. However, in recent years, more organisations are using self-service business analytic tools that allow executives, business analysts and operational workers to run their own ad hoc queries and build the reports themselves.

Analytics and Data Transformation

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