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At DSCallards, we analyse your data capability alongside your business goals. We work to expertly implement processes that ensure that your business is guided – not blinded – by data science.

The team at DSCallards utilises a combination of strong leadership, expertise and decades of experience in the analytic industry. We set your organisation’s vision on the future. Using data capability as your core strategic asset, DSCallards will work closely with you and your business to create analytical insights. These insights will shape and drive your long term goals and strategies.

By establishing a tried-and-tested framework of data capabilities orchestrated through an enterprise data operating model, DSCallards aligns technology with the needs of you and your business in ways that ensure optimum business value whilst minimising costs and mitigating data compliance risks.

Data Capability: Increasing the Value of Your Insights

DSCallards works to increase the value of your data by integrating data governance policies, principles and processes into your overarching strategy and operations. In doing so, we ensure your business possesses data quality standards, as well as the crucial ability to maintain high-data quality in accordance with those standards. By combining your strategic data vision with your enhanced data quality and data operations, the team at DSCallards can create the momentum that will drive your business towards greater data value through analytics, machine learning, AI and data commercialisation.

Data Capability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data capability?

As the name suggests, data capability addresses the technology, organisational structures, strategies, and best operational practices needed to successfully drive successful data management. Essentially, it outlines the capabilities needed to build, enable and sustain a mature data management discipline.

How does data capability guide your business?

Data capability addresses the technology, organisational structures, strategies, and best operational practices required to achieve efficient data management. As a result, data capability can guide your business in choosing the very best processes for achieving successful data management and analysis in your operations.

What is the enterprise data operating model?

An enterprise data operating model outlines how a business defines roles, responsibilities, business words, asset types, relationships, and domain types. This influences how workflows and processes work day-to-day, as well as how an organisation operates in relation to its data and information.

How does data optimise your business value?

These days, data is widely considered to be among a business’s most valuable resources. Data can optimise your business value by assisting your company in meaningfully engaging with clients, making data-driven decisions, and better informing the development process of products and/or services.

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