Business Intelligence Services


Business Intelligence That Transforms Your Data into Powerful Insights

Since 2001, the team at DSCallards have been helping organisations both here in the UK and abroad find and enact the very best business intelligence solution for their operations. With the right service, modern business intelligence solutions can improve data accessibility right across your organisation and assist your employees in leveraging insights to make powerful, data-driven decisions.

Business intelligence software tools allow businesses to analyse an array of data types, including third-party, unstructured and multi-structured data sets. Also known simply as BI, it allows teams to forecast future trends using predictive analytics and gives organisations the advanced tools they require to process data – when they need it, as they need it.

Essentially, BI and reporting solutions can help your business gather valuable insights on user behaviours, market patterns and trends and other crucial data. From improved efficiency to better risk management, DSCallards can help you implement the right BI tool for your business for the purpose of unearthing meaningful data insights, extracting value and improving operational productivity. Our experts are experienced in providing a range of businesses and organisations with the very best guidance and consultancy services.

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Business Intelligence Services

Benefits of Business Intelligence Services

Enhance Efficiency

There’s little point in collecting mountains of data if your organisation doesn’t have the right tools to process it. Business intelligence tools can assist your organisation in finding better ways of enhancing the experience of your end user, as well as improving internal operational efficiency. From implementing new and exciting software to modernising your existing analytics platform, DSCallards aids businesses from a variety of different sectors and industries in boosting their operational efficiency and nurturing growth through powerful analytic services.

Improve Risk Management

Business intelligence tools and solutions can assist your organisation in developing predictive analytics solutions for the purpose of forecasting market demands and trends. Ideal for monitoring fraudulent user and employee behaviour, our business intelligence services can also help your business monitor risk compliance as well as make informed, data-driven decisions that mitigate and minimise potential threats to your business continuity and overall growth.

Increase Data Quality

At DSCallards, we offer business intelligence services to organisations that are looking to not only improve the quality of their data but store it appropriately. Our solutions are geared towards delivering a thorough analysis of financial and operational data, enhancing decision-making, fully automating reporting processing and reducing the time and expenses often needed with data analytics and transformation. For improved data gathering and processing, we also provide data warehouses that work in tandem with business intelligence tools.

Implement BI Tools

Using specialised BI software, DSCallards can enhance efficiency and productivity within your business operations and improve your data quality. In order to identify your true difficulties and create the best technical solution, we always begin business intelligence projects with a thorough investigation of your organisation. Following an in-depth analysis, we’ll work closely with you to implement the right BI tools for your business.

Business Intelligence Services at DSCallards

Since 2001, DSCallards have been helping businesses implement the very best BI services and solutions in their daily operations.

For more information about BI services at DSCallards, please get in touch today.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools can give your business the insights you need to nurture growth, resolve urgent issues, collect all your data in one place and forecast future patterns and trends – all with the click of a button.

SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects provides in-depth reporting, analysis and interactive data visualisation, with an emphasis on the digital supply chain, enterprise resource planning, customer experience and customer relationship management.

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Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI is an innovative end-to-end analytics platform and BI tool that combines visualisation, machine learning, storytelling and collaboration. You can also easily filter through your data with intuitive filtering as well as create bespoke dashboards.

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-centric business analytics suite which allows users to identify trends in real-time. The software allows a business to visualise any data using a scalable, self-service platform that’s both easy to use and helpful in unearthing deeper data insights.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence, also known simply as BI, is a technology-driven, data-centric process used for unearthing and analysing crucial data insights within an organisation. These insights can be used to deliver actionable information that helps executives, managers and other employees make informed, data-driven decisions in the day-to-day operations of a business.

Essentially, business intelligence gives organisations the unique ability to base decisions on what the data says – whether that decision relates to production, supply chains, end users or trends and patterns in the market.

What are business intelligence tools?

Business intelligence tools can help your organisation understand market trends. This helps to derive insights from your data and information for the purpose of making tactical and strategic business decisions. As your organisation collects data, business intelligence tools can also help you identify patterns in that data.

In a nutshell, business intelligence tools allow companies to collect, process, and analyse their data. Business intelligence tools can be used to identify new opportunities, improve return on investment (ROI) and gain a competitive advantage.

How do machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies help businesses?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, more commonly known as simply AI, can help businesses leverage their data effectively and solve complex problems for the purpose of allowing maximum operational scalability in day-to-day operations.

Essentially, the utilisation of machine learning and AI can improve the end-user experience, increase profitability and proficiency and perhaps most pertinent, drive development and change in business operations. This is because, at the end of the day, a computer can process huge amounts of data – and it can do it much quicker than the human brain can. As a result, machine learning and AI have the innate ability to boost productivity and nurture business growth.

Why is business intelligence important?

While keeping an eye on your competitors is important, a business that can look inward and analyse its own internal system, network and overall operations will always be able to stay ahead. Business Intelligence gives organisations the insight they need to make informed, data-driven decisions and presents a great opportunity to improve profitability while also reducing risks.

In general, businesses that make use of BI systems in their daily operations can analyse economic and market trends as well as their own operational data such as productivity. Businesses are able to adjust their current models, techniques, methods and processes to ultimately improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.

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