SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3

In previous 4.x versions of SAP BusinessObjects, IT administrators had a minor headache because of the different database driver infrastructure needed between the server and local client installs. The BOBJ server architecture was 64bit, the local client tools were 32bit. If you wanted to install the client tools on the server, then you needed both sets of drivers or middleware installed there – Oracle admins especially found this hard to grasp!

From 4.3 though the client tools use 64bit architecture, meaning there is only one set of ODBC connections or one install of Oracle client software to worry about. One Oracle home and path. One niche database driver to find.

Now Webi RC, the IDT and UDT, and SAP Crystal Reports can all access as much memory as they need, or as the local machine has to give. Now the only limit is with your IT department or laptop budget!

This will make admins’ lives simpler and potentially ease the packaging of the software for deployment in organisations.

The added (probably main) benefit of the architecture change is the access each tool has to more memory. Web Intelligence Rich Client has only previously been able to access the upper limit of the 3GB-4GB of RAM allowed by its 32bit structure, even when running in a 64bit environment.

Posted by , Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, 20th October 2020

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