Migratory Blues

Words are amazing…. and I get easily distracted. While writing this blog I used an acronym which I felt I should quantify in case my readership is not aware of its meaning.

The acronym in question was POCO and in this context, it means ‘Plain Old CLR Object’ or ‘Plain Old C# Object’.

This usage is used mostly in terms of describing a data object and is used to denote that a plain object with only properties, no logic, is used to directly represent the database data.

Whilst providing a link to act as my dictionary for this acronym I was pleased to find that in many European languages, the word Poco actually means ‘A little, not much’.

This beautifully mirrors the intention and usage behind POCO in programming and also allows me to add a little bit of colour to what would otherwise have been a frightfully dull, and very specific blog.

If you require only colour in your life, now is the point at which you can stop reading.

Posted by , Senior Systems Architect & Developer, 11th January 2021

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