End of Life for SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 and SAP Crystal Server 2016

On 31st December 2022, SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 and SAP Crystal Server 2016 will become end of life, which means it will no longer be supported by SAP. No support packs or patches will be released and raising support tickets to SAP will be on a priority one basis only. If you are also on an older version than this, then you have been out of support for a while.

Consequently, data analytics experts, DSCallards, highly recommends that you consider upgrading to the latest release of either SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 or Crystal Server 2020.

How Do I Find Out What Version I Am On?

To find out what version you have, an Administrator of the SAP BI system can logon to a web browser application called the Central Management Console (CMC), the url will be something like http://servername:8080/BOE/CMC or https://name.domainname/BOE/CMC. They would then navigate to the ‘Help’ drop down in the top right hand corner and select ‘About’.

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The about page will look something like the one below when it pops up:

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It will show the full version with Support Pack and any patches applied. If it shows as 4.2 or below or the version shows as 14.2.x.x or below you need to consider upgrading as recommended by us.

If you are still unsure how to access your version please do get in contact with us and we will happy to guide you. You can email us at:

What are the Next Steps?

Get in contact with DSCallards to let us know you would like to upgrade to the latest release. We can then have a discussion with you about the most appropriate path to get you there.

What Paths Are There?

The below diagram has been referenced from here and this shows the upgrade paths that are possible depending on the version that you are on.

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The detail below goes into more depth with each option.

1. New Installation and Migration

Depending on what operating system version your SAP BI platform is installed on, may dictate whether you want to upgrade the operating system. For example, it could be Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 which Microsoft have an end of life for on Oct 2023, so you may want to consider future proofing the SAP BI system and upgrading the operating system to any of the supported versions for the latest release which are

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Now if this is the path you would like to take, we recommend commissioning a new server or virtual server (licence can dictate whether it can be virtualised please check with DSCallards on this if you are unsure) and placing a newer operating system from the list above. Then installing the latest release of the SAP BI Platform whether this be SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 or SAP Crystal Server 2020. Then migrating the content over to the new version.

The benefit of doing a new installation and migration means that your current SAP BI platform stays running alongside and when you are happy and have tested the new version and content migrated to it, you can officially switch over without too much disruption to the end users.

Please consider the latest release of the SAP BI platform only supports 64-bit database connectivity going forward only, therefore you may need to think about whether your databases you report from also need to be updated to be supported as well, so you can connect to them via SAP Crystal Reports or Web Intelligence.

The SAP BI platform will need to be configured in a similar way to how the current running version you have has been setup, the same RAM, CPU and Disk size, but of course with a later operating system.

DSCallards has performed many new installations and migrations to the latest release, therefore if you feel you require the use of our consultancy services to do this for you and train you in the latest release, get in contact and we can arrange what is called a Migration Assessment of your system.

A Migration Assessment looks at your system and documents the content, how you use it, and what requirements you have for the content to be migrated. Once we have done this we will provide you with an estimate of the time it will take for us to perform a new setup and migrate your content and take you live with the new release.

2. In-Place Upgrade

An In-Place Upgrade entails taking your current version if it is SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 or higher or SAP Crystal Server 2011 or higher and upgrading the current version to the latest release in place.

This option is recommended if you have a later operating system than Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 20212 R2 and you possibly have a test system of your SAP BI Platform. The reason for this is if you have a test system in place already with the current version, and an in-place upgrade is performed, and you can test out the system and be trained in the latest release as the interface has changed for Web Intelligence 4.3 and the BI Launchpad users may need to get more familiar with the latest version before going live. Once trained and tested you can then consider upgrading the Production system to the same level.

If you do not have a test system and still wish to do an In-Place Upgrade on the same server to the latest release, consider that there will be downtime for the end users when this happens, meaning that it could take majority of the day. Therefore, you need to question whether you can afford any downtime of the system for your end users. If you can’t, then the first option of a new installation and migration is recommended so you can run in parallel.

Will I Need Different License Keys for the New Version?

Yes, if you currently pay Support and Maintenance to SAP annually it is possible to request the latest license keys for the new version.
If you are supported by DSCallards we can request these for you via the SAP Support Portal, alternatively if you are not supported by us, you can request the keys here.

To access the How To Guide on how to request license keys please use SAP’s guide here for both SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Crystal Server, the process is the same.

Depending on if you purchased SAP Crystal Server previously, you may have to purchase additional desktop upgrades of SAP Crystal Reports 2020 also, but DSCallards can advise you of that.

What Does the New Release Look Like?

For SAP Crystal Server 2020 and navigating around the new BI Launchpad interface, our technical director Ray Kemp shows you in this video here.

For the SAP BusinessObjects new interface with Web Intelligence 4.3 this you tube video here shows you what it looks like and all about SAP cloud offering SAP Analytics Cloud.

Posted by , Senior BI Consultant, 14th July 2022

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