DSCallards Coronavirus Business Continuity

DSCallards has been regularly monitoring the coronavirus situation and the health and safety of our staff and our customers is fundamental at this time.

To protect our workforce and help ensure its continued productivity, DSCallards believe the following action is critical and have therefore taken steps to:

  • Establish a strategy that enables employees to continue to function without endangering them.
  • Ensure that all DSCallards employees can effectively work from home.
  • Ensure we have the tools, technology, capacity and security measures in place to support a remote workforce.
  • Determine our priorities and the minimum staffing requirements to support these priorities, in case we need to function with a significantly reduced workforce.
  • Identify key employees and ensure other staff members have received appropriate training to comprehensively cover their absence.
  • Put a communications plan in place that includes providing employees and other stakeholders with regular situation updates as well as actions taken.

Assuming the well-being of our staff and with the above actions in mind, we can confirm that we can deliver full operability of all of our services to ensure maximum continuity for our customers during this time. We will be doing our very best to maintain our services including support for our key enterprise customers and measures will include the following:

  • Full remote working capability for every member of staff.
  • Full telephone support and email chat availability.
  • Delivery of services remotely via meetings across locations via web, video or teleconference.

To achieve this DSCallards has implemented cloud-first software solutions to our internal applications this includes

  • Using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration
  • Using Salesforce CRM for customer information centre
  • Deploying Freshdesk to manage all support enquiries
  • Full IP Telephone deployable to all laptops, home machines and mobiles using RingCentral.
  • Group meetings, video conferencing, training and remote support using RingCentral, Microsoft Meetings, Gotomeeting and jitsi
  • WhosOn to allow customer Chat

Posted by , Marketing Manager, 18th March 2020

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