DSCallards: A Breath of Fresh Air

I am bias. I have been working for DSCallards since 2007. But, I’m no spring chicken and have worked for a number of organisations since I started in the world of work back in 1985. So what makes me stay at DSCallards?

The answer is simple: We are small yet perfectly formed.

We have been around for a long time – since 2001 – and have evolved with the changing external environment. This is in stark contrast to the larger organisations that I have worked for who struggled meeting changing market requirements due to lack of flexibility and ability to change quickly enough because of all of the corporate bureaucracy, ‘jobs-worths’ and red-tape.

We are established partners with SAP, who are one of the world’s most successful business software application vendors. We also develop software applications for some of the most prestigious companies in the UK and we work with other specialist software vendors such as LEADTOOLS, HiT, Yellowfin and Pervasive.

Our customer-base includes organisations such as West Yorkshire Police, Harrods, Princess Yachts, numerous County Councils, Kelloggs, Babcock, Volvo, NHS, the list goes on and on. Once a customer engages in our services they invariably come back year after year.

As individuals, we are very much empowered by the Board of Directors to run with our own ideas. I am given a lot of freedom and responsibility to position our products according to our company’s direction and adapt campaigns to bring in the interest required to propel ourselves into our chosen direction.

We are self-sufficient. As a Marketing Manager, if I need help with building a website in MS Visual Studio or require blog content from our talented group of Business Intelligence consultants for our social media seed marketing and thought-leadership campaigns, all I have to do is ask, and they deliver.

Marketing’s relationship with the Sales team is second-to-none. More often than not, Marketing are seen to sit in their ivory towers, churning out campaigns that do not reflect the goods and services on offer by the Sales Team. Here we work hard to ensure that we have a unified message and work together to deliver on this.

Because we aren’t a huge corporate, everyone’s role is important and everyone plays a part in the company’s success. Working for larger organisations I found that you are set an objective and given resources to deliver, but when it came to delivery and justifying ROI, so many people got away with weak excuses and poor delivery hiding behind bureaucracy and procedure. At DSCallards, we all have to deliver true ROI on our work. Transparency is the key and no-one can hide behind their clip-boards, clever words and empty promises.

DSCallards is not the place for you if you want to step over someone’s head to get to the top or hide behind corporate red-tape when you fail to deliver on a project. Yes, we have comprehensive quality systems in place, but they are relevant to our culture and customer-base. We are professional and disciplined without being strangled by unnecessary procedures and red-tape.

Finally, we really know our customers. We have customers that have stayed with us for years and years. It’s great to see what started off a small reporting project, evolve into a cross-company Business Intelligence roll-out. We have been running seminars, in association with SAP, for over eight years. We have customers that come along regularly to keep up-to-date with trends and technologies.

So, given the choice of working for a colossal defence manufacturer like British Aerospace or a small but perfectly formed Devon-based Business Intelligence and software specialist, based on the fringes of beautiful Dartmoor – where the air is pure and fresh. I know what I’d choose – any day!

Posted by , Marketing Manager, 20th December 2016

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