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Top Logistics and Distribution Data Challenges

  • Fuel costs
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Driver shortage and retention
  • Government regulations
  • Environmental issues
  • Technology strategy

Sound Familiar?

  • “How do we provide our customers with full transparency into their delivery at all times?”
  • “We understand the benefits brought by technology, but how do we pay for it and who will implement the improvements?”
  • “It’s an increasing challenge for us to stay on top of new advances in business processes”.

Introducing CALI: Cloud Analytics for the Logistics Industry

DSCallards delivers full transparency with CALI.

CALI is an efficient, cost-effective solution for businesses to gather real-time insights into their logistic and distribution services. Optimise routes for efficiency and cut costs with CALI, an end-to-end cloud solution for logistics and distribution companies. Get real-time visibility into your business through a series of pre-built dashboard data visualisations with drill-down reports showing the detail behind the KPI values.

DSCallards combines our deep understanding of the logistics industry with SAP Analytics Cloud technology and CALI’s powerful digital assets. As a result, businesses benefit from innovative business intelligence and collaborative planning tools.

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