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At DSCallards, we start with you.

We place our clients and their businesses at the very centre of our own strategy and implement customer-centric solutions that focus on nurturing growth.

The team at DSCallards attributes our own growth and meteoric success to the time we invest in our clients, and the work we do creating data-centric strategies that are tailored to their unique niche.

During our time we have worked across multiple industries. Our team has successfully tackled the challenges our clients face with bespoke data-driven solutions.

Industry Focus

Frequently Asked Questions

How can data analytics services help grow my business?

Data analytic services can be hugely advantageous to your business. By analysing data, large and small businesses alike can find emerging trends and patterns they might not otherwise be aware of, as well as identify existing ones. This kind of information can help businesses make better, more informed decisions when it comes to shaping future strategies, including what areas of the business need attention as well as where resources should be allocated to achieve success and growth. Other benefits include:

  • More efficient order fulfilment
  • Better value for your customers and end-users
  • Improved supplier management
  • More cost-effective operations
  • Hyper-targeted advertising

What is the industry of data analytics?

As the name suggests, the data analytic industry is rooted in the practice of using data to help businesses make informed, data-driven decisions. Data analysts use a variety of different techniques, including data mining, predictive analytics, applied analytics and statistics to collect, analyse and interpret important information specifically related to their sector.

Typical day-to-day duties of data analysts usually involve…

  • Forecasting & budgeting
  • Strategic planning
  • Monitoring any patterns or trends in business efforts
  • Looking out for any changes or variations
  • Collecting data for the purpose of resolving issues
  • Reporting data to employees, management and stakeholders
  • Researching and implementing solutions
  • Defining the requirements and needs a business needs to flourish and grow

Is data analytics a growing industry?

Data analytics is definitely a growing industry. In fact, you could even argue the role of the modern data analyst is one of the most sought-after roles in today’s business world. This is largely due to the fact data scientists and analysts are responsible for unearthing new insights, trends and market patterns. They often utilise advanced machine learning models that have the ability to predict future customer behaviour as well as changes in the market, based on previous trends and patterns. The ultimate goal of data analytics isn’t expected to change any time soon and every year, there is more demand for data analysts and scientists as businesses look for the right people with the correct set of skills that can fill these roles.

How big is the data analytics industry?

The data analytics industry is a global, multi-national industry. The team at DSCallards has witnessed exponential growth since our company was founded in 2001, particularly from 2010 onwards when the global generation and retention of data exploded. From there, our rise can only be described as meteoritical. We have never forgotten our roots, and remain dedicated to delivering the very best data analytic and transformative services in the UK.

For more information about what we do here at DSCallards and how we can help grow your business, get in touch with our team today. We would be delighted to assist you.

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