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Qualitas-IT Selects DBMoto from HiT Software to Deliver Database Replication Solution

Qualitas-IT is a London based IT outsource company and systems integrator. Established in 2005, their team of highly-skilled Consulting Engineers draws upon both operational and strategic leadership experience to deliver the right type of solution to their clients. When a global customer called upon them to deliver a data replication solution, Qualitas-IT selected DBMoto for its ease of use and the simple fact it could do what they needed it to do.

The Challenge

Operating around the world, it was imperative for Qualitas-IT to ensure their customer’s data was in correlation between their global offices. With data changing 3-4 times every minute in any one of 10 to 500 rows, a robust and reliable synchronisation solution was required.

Choosing at first to use the native MS SQL replication to synchronise data between two SQL databases, it soon proved frustrating and became apparent that it simply did not support real-time synchronisation to the level that would meet their requirements.

Chris Camm, Director at Qualitas-IT, says the requirement arose when they discovered limitations in real-time synchronisation of data using the native MS SQL replicating tools.

Looking for an answer, a ‘Google’ search for ‘SQL 2000 replication tables’ found DSCallards and DBMoto.

Taking advantage of the free 30-day evaluation, DBMoto was downloaded and put through its paces in a test environment.

We used two SQL servers in London – one at our Head Office and the other located at our Disaster Recovery office. After an initial refresh of the data, mirroring replication was set up between 10 tables, 500- 1000 rows and left running for a week.

In comparison with the native SQL replication tool, DBMoto was head and shoulders above it. DBMoto worked, it worked well – and ultimately we didn’t need to look for anything else.

Chris Camm, Director at Qualitas-IT

The Solution

DBMoto – Data Replication and Transformation
Qualitas-IT deployed DBMoto within hours. Their customer’s business now depends on DBMoto to provide a reliable and timely movement of data between SQL database platforms. When going to print, DBMoto had been in successful operation for twenty-one months without an issue raised.

DBMoto performs refresh, real-time mirroring and synchronisation of data for enterprise server and desktop replication and change data capture needs. DBMoto brings major advances in data integration to businesses that require data synchronisation across multiple databases, remote administration, advanced security options and an easy way to monitor and compare replication results. All major database platforms are supported.

The Business Benefit

DBMoto was selected for its core strength of reliably replicating data between MS SQL databases.

We are very happy with the support received from both DSCallards and HiT Software. We made a couple of support calls when first evaluating due to the SQL 2000 replication set up. The HiT Support desk was great. They logged calls and got back to us very quickly and efficiently, even though we were only trialing the software and hadn’t actually purchased a license. Throughout, DSCallards kept in contact regularly and prompted us with timely reminders when necessary.

Chris Camm, Director at Qualitas-IT

As a systems integrator, Chris deals with many companies on an ongoing basis and therefore it makes it easier if the communication comes from the other party at the appropriate times – “we are happy with the relationship – it works very well”.

From a client perspective they are also very happy.

Recently our customer opened another office and again within 2-3 hours DBMoto was installed with replication rules set up very quickly and easily using the metadata backups taken from the existing install.

The client – they love it. It works very well; it does exactly what it is supposed to do

Chris Camm, Director at Qualitas-IT

With further projects in the pipeline where change data capture and replication is required, if called upon, Qualitas-IT will be relying on DBMoto for the job.

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