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Case Study: Phoenix Contact

One Company with One Objective


The Challenge

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader in the manufacturing industry, engineering a diverse array of solutions, services and products for the networking, controls and automation sectors. In recent years, they’ve made moves towards a more sustainable future by pioneering environmental responsibility in their industry including the use of renewable energy.

With each department working towards different key performance indicators, Phoenix Contact was looking for a solution that could unite its workforce and prioritise inter-organisational collaboration.

The Solution

When Phoenix Contact first approached the team at DSCallards, each department within the company, including logistics, finance and sales, was working towards different goals. They needed to fully integrate their organisation with a single digital platform, that would allow each department to communicate across multiple departments.

Phoenix Contact was looking for a solution that would bring each department together under one objective and promote collaboration across their organisation. Working closely with the client, DSCallards utilised SAP BusinessObjects to create a bespoke business intelligence platform that would unite each area of the company under the same key performance indicators.

The Business Benefit

United under the same objectives, the various departments at Phoenix Contact can now collaborate with ease across their organisation, as well as utilise innovative data reporting and visualisation solutions with the SAP BusinessObjects platform. By utilising their fully integrated dashboard, which has been tailored to the needs and demands of the organisation, Phoenix Contact can also access crucial data and objectives anytime, anywhere – regardless of whether they’re in the office or out on the road.

With improved accessibility and the means to successfully collaborate, Phoenix Contact now has the means to streamline its operations, boost productivity and nurture business growth. Doing so means they can continue to innovate, as well as pave the way towards a more sustainable future in the manufacturing industry.

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