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GTA Select DBMoto from HiT Software to Improve Database Infrastructure for Website Search Requirement

Gullivers Travel Associates (GTA) is one of the world’s leading wholesalers of hotels, ground products and services to the travel industry. Over the past 31 years GTA has created a vast inventory of hotels and unique travel products & services which they provide for over 30,000 travel suppliers and make available in 35 languages in 120 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

GTA chose to replicate data out of their iSeries machines to MySQL which was seen as a more cost effective, flexible and scalable platform to manage the 30 million and increasing online requests for pricing they receive on a daily basis from holiday planners visiting the many online travel bureaus such as and

Currently there are 1500 replication protocols set up with throughputs peaking to 15Million replicated transactions each day. On average this relates to 50GB of log journals being scanned each day resulting in-between 5–10GB of data changes being synchronized.

The Solution

Chris Bell, Series i Team Leader, says the requirement arose when they discovered limitations in replicating data from the iSeries environment to MySQL with their previous replication software solution.

GTA carried out an initial search on Google for ‘MySQL data replication’ software which took them to HiT Software’s website.

We initially downloaded a free evaluation copy of DBMoto. We then went through a rigorous evaluation process which involved a very methodical approach and included carrying out tests on production volumes. DBMoto was selected above its competitors as it delivered exactly what GTA needed, at an affordable price.

Chris Bell, Series i Team Leader

GTA deployed DBMoto to replicate data from their iSeries Server to multiple MySQL databases. The Business depends on DBMoto to provide the reliable and timely movement of data between database platforms.

DBMoto performs refresh and real-time data replication for enterprise server and desktop replication needs. All major database platforms are supported.

The Business Benefit

DBMoto was selected for its core strength of reliably replicating data between iSeries and MySQL.

HiT Software has been very flexible in terms of product enhancements. We had a very specific replication requirement to transform the data before it was entered into the MySQL databases. Traditionally this process required manual input to set up and initiate. With DBMoto this time has been freed up completely by automating the whole process.

It’s as simple as pressing a button

says Chris, who appreciated the quick turnaround from the HiT Development Team

With the potential of more replications being required to support both changes and growth to the business, GTA is assured that with the majority of heterogeneous data replication and transformation requirements supported, DBMoto is fast, reliable and easy to deploy.

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