Over the years I have put together a few high-level blogs for DSCallards and tended to leave the “techy stuff” to our amazing consulting team.

I find myself at a crossroads in life, so a company “blog” felt appropriate.

Some of you may know that as Technical Director, Adrian Handley (CEO) and myself started and built DSCallards to what it is today … a formidable player in the BI Analytics market. We pride ourselves in the team we have built and the closeness of our relationship with our customers. That small business mentality with the ability to react and be there when needed attracted a lot of customers to a “closeness” of approach … but to deliver we also needed to adopt those large company processes so we could structure our deliveries. Something very unique in today’s world.

As new members have joined DSCallards we welcomed them on board as a “family” and we are all very proud of the family we created … all supporting each other and changing roles in an instant to fit with the customer and each other.

So back to my “personal crossroad” in life?

Last November we continued the success story of DSCallards by becoming a member of the Codestone Group of companies. Such a great move to take that “DSCallards” team further on into the future doing what we do so well. At the same time, I decided it was the perfect time to retire with the obvious changes that come with this big step forward. I had played my part.

Now, I am well past my expected retirement age. I could have retired earlier but to be honest I was enjoying myself too much. I was one of the lucky ones that enjoy their job and their close working family. But it’s time for me now.

I feel that I leave all our customers safe in the knowledge that I know our consulting team are some of the best in the business. And I really mean that … having worked closely with them over the years having originally been a real “geek”. Our sales team are so focussed on getting it right for the customer, that I regularly see emails and Teams chats flying around during the evening or over the weekend.
But my time will now be spent with a couple of my passions in life … playing music as a guitarist/singer for over 50 years and keeping a rather large garden in order.

Let’s see where this road takes us … thank you all.

Posted by , Technical Director, 27th April 2023

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