Business Intelligence in 2016 Without Breaking the Bank

DSCallards Ltd leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) services and solutions, will be holding a seminar, in association with SAP Business Objects, called “Business Intelligence in 2016” at SAP Business Objects UK Head Office in Maidenhead, UK, on Wednesday 18th November 2015. The seminar has already attracted significant interest from organisations such as PHS, EDF Energy, Deloitte and Hounslow Council.

SAP has recently revised its business intelligence licensing such that current SAP Crystal and SAP Business Objects users can get access to the latest tools and techniques. Forward-thinking DSCallards customers are taking advantage of this restructure to bring current best practice to their organisation, transforming the way they use information from a system of record to a strategic differentiator.

Capabilities now available include data visualisation, slice & dice analysis, ad hoc querying, delivery to mobile devices and dashboards.

This FREE seminar entitled “Business Intelligence in 2016” DSCallards will be showcasing some of these capabilities and more.

Areas covered will include:

  • The Power of Analytics
  • Data Discovery and Visualisation
  • InBringing Information to Life on Mobile Devices
  • Choosing the Right SAP BI Tool to Meet Your Needs (how today’s licensing sysem does not have to break the bank)

This seminar is designed for IT and business professionals as well as senior business executives involved in BI decisions across the organisation.

“More and more mid-market organisations are deploying Business Intelligence (BI) systems in an attempt to get a better handle on their business operations and gain competitive advantages over their competition. Management in the midmarket is usually heavily involved with operations and day-to-day running of the business and decisions are often made on hunches and instinct. This may work in some cases but if speed and accuracy is required, poorly analysed data can literally destroy new opportunities. This is where affordable BI comes in” commented Adrian Handley, Managing Director, DSCallards.

Posted by , Marketing Manager, 15th October 2015

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