Our History


World-Leading Analytics

DSCallards was founded with one simple premise in mind – to nurture business growth and help our clients succeed. More than two decades later, we remain committed to delivering world-leading analytic services to our clients here in the UK and abroad.

At DSCallards, we boast a tight-knit team of knowledgeable, experienced industry experts. Our company-wide ethos focuses on providing the very best outcome for companies and organisations alike, through the use of innovative analytic and data transformation solutions. By utilising our combined expertise and industry experience, the team at DSCallards have been able to work on some incredible projects over the years and generate extraordinary results.

Our Twenty-Year Journey

Over the past twenty years, the team at DSCallards has seen incredible growth in our industry, especially over the last ten years where the amount of data being generated and retained globally has exploded. One of the most significant milestones in our history was turning over £1 million in a year for the first time. That particular milestone continues to stick out to the team here at DSCallards. It signified the company had become a business that could add value as well as a certain level of expertise to our already burgeoning industry.

Of course, our twenty-year journey has been more than just milestones to tick off. After all these years our company ethos remains the same – we put people first. DSCallards continues to define and measure our success by the company culture we have fostered over the years, the unwavering support and dedication of our people and clients, and of course our innate ability to adapt to the ever-evolving industry environment.

Our Customers