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The Analytics & Data Transformation Experts

The Analytics & Data Transformation Experts

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Founded in 2001, DSCallards has flourished from modest beginnings to become a UK industry leader in analytics and data transformation.

Our company has experienced exponential industry growth in recent years, particularly over the last decade where the amount of information being generated globally and retained by companies has increased tenfold. In a nutshell, DSCallards assists modern businesses to make sense of their data. However, data analytics has grown to mean so much more than simply examining statistical information.

As leaders in our field, DSCallards has cultivated a reputation for expertly analysing our client’s data and leveraging it for use in their unique niche. We assist companies and organisations in discovering the power of their data and show them how it can be used to drive greater data value through analytics, machine learning, AI and data commercialisation.
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Innovation Services

Innovative Services

DSCallards offers a range of bespoke services to our various clients here in the UK. We provide consultancy in areas such as data analytics and visualisation, support services and specialist training courses to suit the needs of our client-base.

DSCallards has been building unique analytic solutions and empowering businesses for more than two decades.

Our Services

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Whether it be business analytics and intelligence, data visualisation, warehousing or replication, DSCallards offers a multitude of different solutions to companies and organisations alike.

Our team boasts a wealth of expertise in data transformation and analytics. As a result, we can evaluate the needs of your business, and recommend the right platform for your unique specifications.

Our Solutions

World-Leading Technology

World-Leading Technology

At DSCallards, we pride ourselves on only utilising the very best in innovative, world-leading technology. We understand the importance of an organisation’s digital assets and infrastructure, and always strive to develop modern software solutions for our clients without the jargon and complexity that has plagued our industry in the past.

Investing in the ever-changing digital landscape is what we do best – and we’ve always got our finger on the pulse.

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We had a requirement for more and more accurate information across the business, from financial, to technical, to operational, from both suppliers and customers.


The business insight we are now able to provide to staff at all levels has increased incredibly.

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Improved operational excellence and productivity through Business Intelligence.

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