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High Performance Analytics and Record Breaking Action Engine for Big Data

Whether it is analysing streaming financial data, determining real-time point of sale information in retail, or analysing user behavior on social media websites, Actian Vectorwise helps companies better realize the value of their data without the overhead and upfront costs associated with traditional analytic databases.

Ask yourself:

1. Are your queries slow and do you have the resources to tune your system?

2. Is the volume of data in your company growing and slowing your workflows?

3. Do your business users need more freedom to initiate queries and receive timely answers?

Vectorwise is the fastest database for interactive reporting, data analysis and business intelligence. No other database enables faster performance without requiring more hardware or extensive tuning. Eliminate the need to build and maintain complex schemas, indices, aggregations or OLAP cubes.

Experience More Interactive Business Intelligence and Analysis

- Faster and deeper business insight

- Faster BI projects

- No more aggregations or cubes

Vectorwise is the record-breaking database that powers Action Apps and delivers these benefits:

Eliminate the wait, and take action in real-time: Get answers in seconds, not minutes or hours. Empower your organisation to take actions based on a powerful analysis of facts instead of waiting or speculating.

Empower more of your organisation: No need to limit the power of Vectorwise to only a few people, now, more of your organisation can take action on Big Data. Other products present limitations with cost or technical constraints, Vectorwise breaks through these limits. More concurrent users can take action without breaking the organisation’s budget.

Get your solution deployed quickly: Most BI and data warehouse projects take too long to deploy. Vectorwise does not require the tuning or special configurations, load your data and go.

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