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HiT Software® Releases DBMoto® Cloud Edition™

Partnership to Leverage World Record Data Speeds and Intuitive Business Intelligence

2nd July 2012HiT Software®, a leader in Data Replication and Change Data Capture (CDC) solutions for heterogeneous database environments, today announced the release of DBMoto® Cloud Edition™, the first product in a family of data replication and CDC software designed to support Cloud data traffic. DBMoto Cloud Edition delivers rapid, secure data updates between disconnected databases. Data changes are captured and passed through the Cloud using web services. This provides reliable CDC for satellite enterprise databases that have no direct connection to corporate IT systems.

"DBMoto® Cloud Edition™ sets the standard for data replication and CDC across the Cloud," said Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director of HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates, LLC Company. "DBMoto's rich feature-set minimizes effort and processing overhead so that businesses can apply a more streamlined approach to data updates between databases that are remote, distributed or in areas better serviced through the Internet."

DBMoto Cloud Edition includes DBMoto's powerful replication features with additional web service functionality to execute the secure packaging, transfer and decoding of data between Internet points. Now businesses can efficiently replicate data to downstream databases using CDC on either real-time or batch schedules. Data updates are processed in an automatic and timely way, and DBMoto minimizes the amount of work required by DBA staff to maintain changes to remote databases.

DBMoto Cloud Edition is now available in the UK through HiT Software's partner DSCallards. For more information, please visit www.hitsw.co.uk

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Established in 1993, with quality at the heart of its company philosophy, DSCallards is 100% focused on providing best-of-breed Business Intelligence solutions that combine the world’s leading technologies with its award winning team of consultants. Customers include organisations such as SAP, BT, Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd, Virgin Media and Alcatel Lucent. For more information, visit www.dscallards.com.

About HiT Software

HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates, LLC Company, is a leader in Change Data Capture and Data Replication products for heterogeneous database environments. HiT Software's standards-based products provide quick access to data and offer programming-free data integration across enterprise systems. DBMoto® provides real-time, bi-directional data replication between major databases; Allora provides bi-directional transformations between XML and databases; and HiT DB2 Connectivity products connect applications to IBM® DB2® databases via .NET, OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC standards. Founded in 1994 in San Jose, California, HiT Software is relied upon by thousands of global organisations. Visit www.hitsw.com.