Clarion is a software development tool to help you complete your business applications 10 times faster.

Build Applications 10 Times Faster!


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Clarion features a Template driven Code Generator that automates the creation of complete Database Applications.

Clarion features roundtrip Code Generation, which means that it preserves all of your hand-written code while still allowing you to make changes and re-generate your application, or any part of your application, as often as needed.

At the core of the Clarion IDE is the Data Dictionary -- a metadata repository which stores Table definitions, business rules, attributes for defaults on how columns should be displayed on Windows and Reports, and user defined options.

In Clarion, developer productivity doesn’t mean just a code editor and some wizards. Clarion extends your productivity with its focus on application Templates and underlying business class framework. Clarion enables you to tackle new business problems while decreasing the total cost of building applications.

The Clarion IDE provides a unified toolset for developing native code Win32 applications and pure .Net managed code applications for the desktop, web and mobile platforms, taking advantage of a common set of tools including rich Template sets, Visual Designers, Drag and Drop controls, and Code Completion. Templates enable developers to solve complex business problems while reducing the total cost of development. More


Whatever your training need, DSCallards helps you to get the most out of your software investment, empowering you to work smarter to meet your reporting and dashboard development needs - now and into the future.

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DSCallards offer a variety of support services and work hard to ensure that they offer a number of off-the-shelf and bespoke Support Services to meet the needs of all organisations, regardless of size.

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We believe that our core competence lies in our understanding of organisations, their requirements and business processes. DSCallards has a first class track record of delivering custom software projects to budget and on time.

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